Costanza’s presentation at the primary school Murterski škoji.

Datum objave: 25. svibnja, 2021.

On Friday 21st of May, the volunteers from Argonauta visited two classes of the primary school Murterski škoji. Costanza, our newcomer in Argonauta, introduced herself and her origins, while at the end Eleonora and Juan showed the students what does it means to be a volunteer of the European Solidarity Corps.

The children got to know Costanza better thanks to a presentation she prepared. During this meeting, she talked about her studies in biotechnology, her passion for travel, and Italy. In particular, she focused on her region, Sicily, presenting a funny tongue-twister in dialect, but also talking about serious topics such as the mafia and the people who fought it. The students have also learned some interesting curiosities about the Etna volcano and typical Sicilian street foods.

After that, the volunteers performed a nice sketch to teach the students the most famous Italian gestures. The children enjoyed guessing the different meanings of the hand movements and took a short quiz to remember them. The subject of the scene, a packet of typical Sicilian biscuits called “Reginelle”, was then offered to the whole class.

Costanza: “I was thrilled to see all the children interested and I really appreciated all the questions they asked me in the end. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know me and to present some curiosities about my homeland.”

At the end of the lecture, Eleonora and Juan showed a beautiful video about their adventures in Argonauta, explaining to the students the importance of volunteering.

Thanks to the volunteers for this interesting lesson and we hope to see them soon in other activities!

This activity was financed by European union.

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