Putokazi: cleaning action that worth a project result.

Datum objave: 9. lipnja, 2021.

Satisfactory. This is how the cleaning action that took place yesterday June 8, 2021 on the island of Murter could be defined. Two groups of people worked both on the Plitka Vala road and on the Kosirina beach. Two charming places on the island of Murter, but unfortunately not always as clean as they should. The event had the strength of about twenty people from different organizations: Ekoloska Udruga ‘Krka’ Knin, Latinsko Idro, Matica Hrvatska and Argonauta, together with teams from Murtela d.o.o., Jezinac d.o.o. and the Tisno fire department, they managed to do a great job. Armed with bags and eager, all the garbage that we found in our path was collected, filling the trucks that were available. An action that makes us proud, but we must remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep our spaces looking healthy, not only with cleaning actions, but also with daily care. After completion of the work, two signs were placed, one at each location. These colorful signs serve as a reminder of the event that took place.

The other side of nature
To end the day, a photographic gallery was inaugurated in the Jedro social center, located in Opcina Murter. In this exhibition you can see photographs about the state of conservation in which the nature of Knin, Sibenik and Murter is found. An initiative in which we have collaborated and that has been promoted by volunteers of the Ekoloska Udruga ‘Krka’ Knin and Udruga Mladi u EU organizations. This exhibition will be open to the public in the mornings until June 11th.

Important event of a volunteer project
As the author of this article, I would like to leave a personal note: satisfaction. That’s how I feel when I think about what we’ve done at both Kosirina and Plitka Vala. Cleaning actions for me, after a year in Argonauta, have become an activity that I really enjoy. This one in particular has been very special because it is part of my personal project during my volunteering at Murter. Even more, when gathered with special people that has been huge part of my life in Murter.

Why Plitka Vala and Kosirina?
The project started almost by accident. I usually go hiking around the island a lot, and I realized that there was a lot of garbage around. So I decided to map all the critical points where there is a lot of garbage. The map is available online in this link. After presenting the idea to Argonauta’s colleagues, we thought that the most appropriate thing would be to choose the location where to carry out a cleaning action. We met with the island’s cleaning services and decided to do it in both Kosirina and Plitka Vala. With their help we were able to do a very good job.

Many thanks to all those who have supported this project from the beginning, and especially to those who have gone down to the mud to collect garbage during the morning of June 8, 2021.

This action was financed by European Union.

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