María Lopez.

Datum objave: 6. srpnja, 2023.

I am María, the new volunteer of Argonauta and I was born in a little town from
Cadiz, in the south of Spain.
I am 22 and I am a graduate in Marketing and Market Research, with a master in
Digital Marketing and eCommerce. Over my years as a student, I combined my
studies with courses, seminaries and a lot of types of activities involved in my field of
study. Consequently, in my last academic course, I decided to expand my formation,
and it would be a good opportunity to develop as an international volunteer.
The reasons why I decided to participate in this volunteer project abroad have to do,
above all, with my passion for traveling and learning from different cultures and
because of my interest in any type of social activity and of cooperation to the
common good.

Furthermore, for me it will be a great experience to contribute to the protection of
nature and the environment of Murter Island as well as helping to his local
community. I am committed to environmental protection and I am very interested in
working with children and youngsters. Moreover, I want to improve the quality of life
of elderly people and help the organization.
In addition, I would like to involve myself in the Murter community, enrich myself with
its culture and fully live that experience. I have a great desire to contribute positively
and collaborate with this opportunity of the European Solidarity Corps.

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