Marisol Navarro.

Datum objave: 25. srpnja, 2022.

At the end of my volunteering, looking back on all the paths I had gone through, I can assure you that coming to Murter was the best decision I have taken in my 19-year-old life. I went to Murter to discover myself, and I ended up learning that I had to learn how to listen to myself and to be more truthful and kind to myself. Working with Argonauta made me realize my strengths and weaknesses to work on them, I learned to be more independent and disciplined, I had opportunities to expand my creativity and skills and materialize them, and I learned how to start thinking critically about environmental and social issues. I have met precious people all over Croatia that have touched the deepest of my heart and have enriched the mutual cultural learning experience. Being able to travel and to live in such a beautiful and tranquil place. gave me mental peace and helped me to introspect and see more than I used to see; I have always called Murter as my Himalayas. I can say that Murter is part of my home and I will be forever grateful with the European Solidarity Corps, Argonauta and the kindness and hospitality of local people.


Volim te Murter!


PS.: I cannot wait to comeback!

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