Morgane Mauduit – Francuska.

Piše: Ivana Marin — 27. svibnja, 2019.

Morgane is arrived in October 2018 in Argonauta team. Her EVS adventure will last for 7 months.

Her place was in an engineering school, in France at learning the sciences of chemistry. But she wanted to complete her formation by a volunteering experiment abroad that could be related to her studies. Her professional plans are to work in the field of the biotechnologies and her dream would be to work on topics included seaweed or marine biodiversity. She came here in order to leave the school benches and learn the things that cannot be teach by a professor, such as non-formal education, science popularization…

She is helping to organize and participate in Eco-Patrol project. She tries to bring her knowledge in science and chemistry to develop workshop for children, but also share her French culture with them.

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