Datum objave: 16. March, 2016.

Children from the Primary School “Murterski škoji” will become eco protectors of the island Murter participating in “Murter eco-patrol” activities. As part of the “Kornati – Važno je o moru znati 3”, implemented by the Association of the Argonauta, this spring on the Murter island will be a lot of activities during which children from Primary School “Murterski škoji” will patrol their island and pay attention on the environmental problems.

Project “Kornati – Važno je o moru znati 3” consists of three components:

  1. Educational tours to Kornati
  2. Organic puppet show “Sea is alive”
  3. Little eco school “Murterska eko- patrola.”

During the winter time, Argonauta  Association prepared the eco-patrol activities for children from higher grades of elementary school “Murterski škoji”. The program was presented to children and the students were very interested in participating in “Murterska eco-patrol”. Eco-patrol will be held on Saturday mornings, the activities will be various, so the children can explore and map the illegal dumpings on the island, take a part in cleaning beaches, monitoring the status of the marine environment, participate in a treasure hunt, make sea herbarium and also, they will have opportunity to join the scientists in watching dolphins and sea turtles  etc. Children will learn in funny and interactive way, and in all the activities will be used non-formal methods of learning and work outdoors in nature. Our goal is that “Murterska eko-patrola” in the coming years  becomes a school activity to be carried out continuously throughout the school year. The program of Eco Patrol was carefully designed so the children involved  in this project can  build a positive attitude towards nature and the environment and meet the functioning of ecosystems. Thus,  they  will become active citizens in efforts to solve environmental problems in Murter area.

Leaders of eco patrol activities will be Vice Krnčević and EVS volunteers, Malgorzata Serwatka from Polish and Sergio Campins from Spain. The program will follow an expert Ph.D. Bruna Petani, marine biologist.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Croatia.

Project partners: Murter-Kornati, Primary School Murterski škoji, NP Kornati, CO Šubićevac Association pebbles.





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