“Murter eco-patrol” collected garbage on the Zminjak Island.

Datum objave: 17. March, 2016.

On 12th March 2016, members of “Murter eco-patrol” participated in the action of collecting waste on a small island called Zminjak.

Young environmentalists from Murter Island didn’t spend this Saturday watching TV and playing video games, but rolled up their sleeves, pulled on gloves and set off together with their leaders outside. Their destination was islet Zminjak, where they cleaned the coast of driftwood and rubbish, learnt about ecology and spent a good time together. On that day strong “bura” was blowing, but that wasn’t obstacle for our brave Eco-patrol team.

 At the Argonauta Association office leaders met with members of Eco-patrol and presented them an action plan and explain them how the waste ends on the shores of the island and what kind of ecological and aesthetic damage garbage makes  for environment and inhabitants. After this introduction children were awakened by playing an interactive game called “Pears, apples and bananas”.

To realize the value of conservation, not only of the Murter Island, but also of the surrounding islands, Eco-patrol boat headed to Zminjak , a small island next to Murter. “Murterski škoji” how people from Murter called islets around the Murter Island, presented the existence for Murter people in the past and present, because they used to cultivate their vineyards and olive groves there and bays of these islands  provided safe place for fishing boats during stormy weather. During clean up activity on the Zminjak Island, Eco-patrol team collected 14 large bags of trash. Part of this waste is stored and it will be used in the last activity of “Murter Eco-patrol”, when the primary school pupils will become small artists and make a sculpture that will be made out of collected waste.

Next Saturday members of the “Murter eco-patrol” will take a part in an outdoor game “Treasure Hunt”. While searching “treasure” members will learn about biodiversity of Murter Island and spend a good time in the nature.

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