Murter eco patrol take part in Green Cleanup.

Datum objave: 29. April, 2016.

Members of the Murter eco-patrol on Saturday, April 23, 2016 took part in Green and Blue Cleanup. In this campaign they cleaned up garbage at land and coastal areas from the Čigrađa bay to the Kosirina bay.

As part of the global movement  “Let’s do it! “ and the project World Cleanup 2016, in Croatia for the fifth year in a row running campaigns of cleaning illegal dumps named Green Cleanup which is the largest environmental volunteer project in Croatia. Since a few years ago as part of the same project running campaign named Blue Cleanup. Blue Cleanup is one-day action of cleaning the sea, seabed and coastal areas which aims to boost public awareness about protection of marine environment.

Our little environmentalists, which in the environmental field swim like a fish in the water, eagerly accepted the challenge and responded to the largest volunteer project in the history of mankind. Bad weather and the rain that was expected for that day did not disrupt brave young ecologists in their intention to clean the waste at the Čigrađa bay. In this action children, along with their facilitators Gosia, Vice and Sergio cleaned considerable quantities of waste like textile, paper, bottles, tires, old fishing nets and rusty traps.

 „We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” – Indian chief Seattle wrote to President Franklin Pierce. But people often forget that the next generations will have the same right, as we have today, to call this “pale blue dot” their home, and they dispose waste in the nature uncontrollably, unconscious, or even worse aware that the Earth does not have unlimited power of regeneration. Only with responsible behavior and with the education of the youngest we can change things for the better and preserve our beautiful and magnificent planet as it was billions of years before influence of human kind.

Next Saturday they will be talking to local anglers and discover traditional ways of fishing while dealing with the problems of sustainable fishing.

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