Piše: Ivana Marin — 10. May, 2016.

Members of the Murter eco-patrol on Sunday, May 8, 2016 have met the coastal inhabitants of the Čigrađa bay. Kids taught about the living world of the coast, and created a marine herbarium.

At the first glance, an ocean looks like a large and uniform body of water that stretches to the horizon. However, if we look below the surface of that endless blue, it will amaze us with its depth and variety. Unfortunately, this endless blue and its inhabitants are threatened today. The biggest threat to plants and animals that live on the coast is destruction of habitats. By construction of houses, roads, coastal promenades and harbours there are less and less habitats for marine species. Another problem is pollution. Solid waste pollutes not only the sea, but also covers large coastal areas.

Someone said once:  “What you do not know, you cannot love”.  For that reason members of Murter eco-patrol, present and future patrons of the island of Murter, stepped into the sea up to their knees, to explore the coastal wildlife of the Čigrađa bay. After the presentation and discussion about the living world of the coast, kids were divided into pairs. On the sheets they had pictures of plant and animal species that they have had to find and photograph. After a competitive part of the activity, the children, with the help of their facilitators, collected several specimens of algae and sea grasses. Upon returning to the Argonauta office they created their first marine herbarium. As a final task they had to stick pictures of plant and animal species on the appropriate place at the poster of coastline.

Next Saturday members of Murter eco-patrol  will try to spot the dolphins around the island of Murter .

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