Datum objave: 17. May, 2016.

For the members of Murter eco-patrol Saturday, May 14, will remain in their memory for a lifetime. On that day, near the island of Vrgada they enjoyed the pleasant company of the bottlenose dolphins.

Within the project conducted by the Blue World Institute named Marine partnership in which Association Argonauta participated as a partner, an application for smart phones called Marine Partnership was developed in which citizens and companies can report the locations of interesting species such as dolphins, sea turtles and the Mediterranean monk seal. The collected data helps scientists with monitoring of species in the Adriatic Sea. More about the application can be found here.

A sunny day, calm sea and cheerful crew, were the perfect recipe for a pleasant Saturday morning. To complete the activity called Dolphin watching only one thing was missing – the dolphins. Captain Vice with the help of his observers, members of Murter eco-patrol, near the island of Vrgada spotted a group of 7 dolphins. From a distance of 50 meters, without a word, they observed this little group of bottlenose dolphins as they feed and play. The members of the MEP by using Marine Partnership application reported their sighting. After 20 minutes of observation they turned the boat and headed for the Murter. In that moment two bottlenose dolphins began to swim towards the boat and started to swim alongside the boat. This time dolphins were observing the humans. After an unforgettable morning and short game with these magnificent inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea, members of the eco-patrol returned to Murter.

In the last activity of Murter eco-patrol, the children will make a sculpture out of waste that they collected during patrolling the island.

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