Datum objave: 2. November, 2016.

This Saturday eco-patrol gathered in a slightly different context than usual. Eco patrol in the afternoon shift hung out under a special Halloween party! The Argonauta`s office looks like a cave full of bats, and this mammal was the main topic of our workshop. After an educational video about this interesting creature, eco-patrolers had a quick quiz associated with the viewed video. So we learned that bats are very useful – they eat a large number of insects (specialy  they prefere mosquitoes),  their small body is hibernating part of the year, and is very sensitive to human impact. Considering that they are eating a large number of insects, they are useful to people for lot  reasons: they protect us from annoying insects and also they help the plants, by eating the parasites that are attacking trees.

We spoke about our picture book “The Bat Vanja” whose main character is bat from Kornati (available in  the Educational Center for the development of the coast and islands). Also, we talked about Night of Bats that is organized in Krka National Park every year. We also found out that the area of Krka inhabit 17 species of bats.


Entertainment is complemented with the game which had a task to explain us how bats hunt their trophy- using echolocation. Echolocation is a type of sonar that enables orientation in space to animals such as bats. A bat emits sound waves into the space in front of them, the waves are reflected by the obstacles and the time-dependent how the sound should be returned, in the head of bat is created the image and the prey located in its vicinity. Through this game, we learned that bats must have a really good hearing!

This fun Saturday ended with a few more fun games, and we went home with a lot more knowledge about this little creatures, the only flying mammal!

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