Change Climate Change Campaing.

Datum objave: 12. November, 2016.

Argonauta Organization joined the campaign Change Climate Change” by organizing an Open Quiz for children, young and adults in the town center, in Murter Island.

The action took place this 12th of November. During the event, Eco-Patrol team was had the oppotunity to connect with the community. Eco Patrol is a youth group from the island that take part our sustainable workshop every Saturday in order to learn about the environment and develop diverse action to protect it within non-formal education techniques. For this occasion, they were the ones in each activity to leader the group of locals who wanted to participate. The tutors and organizers of activities were Sanja Tabori from Argonauta Association and the current EVS volunteers, Malgorzata Serwatka from Poland and Eva Lozano from Spain.

The format of the event was an Open Quiz in the center of Murter where participants were divided into groups. Each group had a main topic to develop: water, energy and waste. The teams were encourage to be active in order to go to the next step and approach local people to ask about their points of views of Climate Change and the relation with their specific topics.

The final goal was to create a big poster about their specific topic, and at the same time, learn about it on a fun way. Ones the groups were organized the quiz started. Through different tasks and challenges they collected the keys to move on to the next step. First of all the participants created their symbol to identify themselves, when they finish the tutors gave them the location of the next tasks which were hidden around!

“The next mission may be waiting under a palm tree”; “Look carefully along to the Murter sea line”

And so the activity evolved.

Water Team discover the quantities of water that we use in daily life and how can we avoid waste it. Energy Team got to know better what are the “Energy vampires”, so say, electronic devices that drink power even when they are not being used. Like computers in standby mode or chargers that are done charging, so once we identify and classify them is easier to reduce their use. And finally the Waste Team, the last but not the least, talked about the 3 sustainable R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

They all though about questions to asked in to the people of Murter in popular places around were people usually hang out.  And so locals in Restaurants or even in the hairdresser share time, experience and their opinions with us. Later on, each member also spread some motivation handmade cards to promote simple sustainable actions in the community.

At the end, all the teams met together and there was a common discussion about how the problem of Climate change affect each group issue and participants were free to share all their ideas about specific actions that we can carry on to reverse and improve the situation of the climate in our planet, that depends on all of us.

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