Datum objave: 22. November, 2016.

As we announced in the previous Eco patrol, this Saturday the Patrol took advantage of a visit to the Public Institution Krka and learning about the natural beauty firsthand.

Our previous, charismatic nature, about the importance of preserving natural areas and the different ways of protecting the flora and fauna was excellent theoretical introduction to this trip. Krka National Park opened the door for us and showed what is included in the work of the protected area.

Since the beginning of this school year the Public Institution Krka has prepared numerous lectures, ecological and educational workshops, field work and sports activities. Programs involving employees “Krka” are adapted for children of different ages and intended for dissemination of knowledge on the protection of nature and environment and cultural heritage. We are happy to respond to this call and workers are explained to us everything we were interested in the topic of management of national parks.

This interesting lecture was complemented by a boat trip to the beautiful Skradinski waterfalls, a walk around Skradin and visit established Bana Subic. Good weather seemed to complete this wonderful day and our trip, and we impressed came back to Murter.

Thank a lot for Taxi transport Murter island- Karoca, who provides us transport workers, and also to NP Krka for the knowledge that they shared with us and afforded us this wonderful trip!

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