Eko-patrol in Modrave!.

Datum objave: 23. March, 2017.

Despite the windy weather – strong bura – on Saturday, 11th of March 2017, voluntary action of restoration the dry stone walls was held in Modrave and it was a success! The action was organized by the association Modrave Murter-Betina as a part of the project “In the olive grove – groves olive, not pine”.

Through this project an old 500 meters long path “Modravica” was restored. The path was used by locals to get in their olive grove by foot. Now it is adapted into the passage for cars and it leads from Adriatic main road to the lake Vrana.

With this action 50 meters of collapsed dry stone wall was rebuilt, with help of about 30 volunteers who are members of the association Modrave Murter-Betina, association Argonauta, members of Argonauta’s Eco-patrol, locals and 6th grade students of school „Murterski škoji“.

Educational part of the action was designed by our associate Ivana Marin in collaboration with Norma Fressel from JU PP Lake Vrana.

And here’s how it was!

Knowing that we will spend a Saturday morning working on restoration of dry stone walls, EVS volunteer Max has prepared some games for relaxed start. With the aim of learning Croatian language and having more fun, he prepared games on Croatian.

When everyone was relaxed, Norma introduced 6th grade students with the basics of plants. Looking around, they realized with how many plants we are actually surrounded, why some of plants have hairs, awn, why flower is fragrant etc.

To be even more familiar with the world of plants, we divided children into 4 groups and gave them photos of the plants they needed to found in the nature. With a lot of running and scratched hands, they gave their best and found most of the plants. Next assignment was to connect some facts with the particular plant. Thus, they needed to connect nettle with the concept „it was put next to the hearth, to guard the house from the thunder“, blackberry with the concept „ it is rich with vitamin C, iron and is recommended for anaemic people“or that St. John’s Wort is good for preparation of oil in medical purpose.

They loved hunting for plants and learning something new!

Still, guys couldn’t wait to help in building dry stone walls so we quit educational part and gave our best in building. Some of the kids were thrilled with building stone walls and others in picking flowers for herbarium. However, everyone favourite part was when the lunch time came so they could replace gloves and stones with burgers, kebabs and cakes.

We’ve learned about plants, worked in teams, enjoyed a lot and left happy because we knew that our effort will be heritage for the next generation.

Thanks to the association Modrave Murter-Betina on the pleasant cooperation.

Till the next Saturday!

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