Eco-patrol: The Whole World In A Jar.

Piše: Ivana Marin — 29. March, 2017.

This Saturday our workshop took a place at Raduč hill where was an volunteer action of cleaning and sanation of abandoned military complex. Once again, youngsters from Eko-patrols chose new knowledge and challenges rather than sleeping and joined the volunteers from local community.

We’ve started our workshop with games that volunteer Max prepared. Youngsters showed us their acting talent and creativity in the pantomime and how good are they in team building game „triangle tag“.

After games we’ve started with educational part. This time we wanted to connect knowledge from last two workshops (water and plants) to build a mini ecosystem in jar.

We explained to the youngsters what materials are needed for ecosystem and split them into groups in which they looked for soil, sand, moss and other plants. We’ve learned that soil is important because it contains minerals and elements, sand to store the water, plants for making an oxygen… It turned out that some of the youngsters are potential garden designers, whileother prefer hunting for small animals like bugs that we’ve also put in our mini ecosystem.

To feel like real scientists, we asked them to make the notes about ecosystem. They wrote when and where it was built andhow many plants and animals they put in it.They also made a hypothesis about future of our mini ecosystem. Next Saturday we will see what happened with plants and animals and were the hypothesis right.

After workshop we’ve joined to the rest of the volunteers in cleaning of the environment and tunnels. Once more youngsters from Eko-patrola showed that they like to learn, think outside the box, help in the sustainability of their island and that they do all that with having a lot of fun!

Until the next workshop!

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