We gave the paper a new chance.

Datum objave: 7. April, 2017.

For some people last saturday was ment for relaxing and enjoying the sun, but for Eco-patrol youngsters and 15 volunteers it was perfect setting to help in volunteer action at the archaeological site – Colentum. Before starting the hard work, we decided to learn something new while having fun.

At the start of the workshop, Max prepared slalom game in which the blindfolded participants needed to pass the slalom with the help of the partner. With this game we’ve learned how to rely on the partner, how to lead someone and what is like to be in someone else’s shoes.

After the game we’ve learned something interesting about our topic – paper! We went “back in time” and learned something about the papyrus, parchment, battle for paper making recipe etc. We also discussed the problem of recycling and deforestation. After all the stories from history and discussions about the paper, we realized its importance and wanted to make our own recycled paper just the way it was made 2000 years ago. We’ve cut and blended the old paper to make a smooth pulp which we mixed with a water in a bin. After that, we’ve sunk the mold in the water mixture, pulled it out and got the new – old paper. Youngsters were happy preparing an unique decorated paper by adding some leaves, flowers or seed. While the paper was drying, we took the opportunity to learn how to use old paper in making unusual paper aeroplanes which later turned into an aircraft competiton. After the competition, the paper aeroplanes were used for preparing the recycled paper.

If I was an old paper that Sunday, 1st of April, I would like to be one in the hands of Eco-patrol youngsters because then my life as an old paper would have a new purpose. After I was used as a paper on which was printed an important message, I’d elicited a smile on children’s faces when they would winning the aircraft competition. But even after that I wouldn’t lose purpose – they would turn me into the canvas on which children could express their creativity! What a life..

In the end, we’ve collected stone excess from old drystone wall and used it for filling the gaps in a new path at the Colentum. We hoped to find some old, Roman coins but in the end we didn’t find anything. Regardless we were happy that we spent Saturday together, learned something new and gave our contribution to the volunteer action.

Until the next patrol!

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