SOS for bees.

Datum objave: 10. May, 2017.

This Saturday, 6th of May, students of the Elementary school of Vjekoslav Kaleb from Tisno were joined for the first time with the Murters Eco-patrol and they went together to visit the local beekeeper.

It is well known that bees pollute plants, make honey and that are important, but few are concerned about the future of these valuable prairies. It was Albert Einstein who said “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” and thus pointed out their importance. Still, it seems that most people are not concerned about that problem which matter in our lives, and the lives of our descendants.

We’ve started the workshop with the games to get to know each other and to get rid of the treadmill. After we all sat in the circle and listened to the story told by the beekeeper. We have learned why bees are so important, who lives in the bee community, a process of making honey, which are the biggest problems faced by beekeepers how the beehives look like and other interesting things. Youngsters were divided into three groups and held a small “press conference”. They needed to answer a various questions using the beekeeper and workshop leader as a source of the information. This time we’ve used honey as an “energizer”. The energy returned to us quickly, and the children were thrilled with the honey. Even more, some of them were returning for more. We also got a honey as a gift, so we thanks to our beekeeper Davor for his hospitality.

With this workshop, we joined to “The Right To Be(e) Campaign” which promotes the importance, problems and protection of bees and to the celebration of the International Bee Day which is 20th May.

We hope that young people from the Eco-patrol understood the importance of bees, that they will educate their friends and family, protect the bees, and finally, daily eat “teaspoon of health” that is hidden in honey!

Until the next patrol!


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