Healthy but tasty – is that possible?!.

Datum objave: 17. May, 2017.

When the youngsters from Eco-patrol heard that the next workshop would be about healthy food, they didn`t like the idea. Seems that we argue their minds and that healthy food can be tasty, and when it comes to preparing healthy food, it can be a real win!

We started the workshop with games to get rid of the stress caused by the end of the school year, and then the youngsters were again ready to learn. They put together a healthy pyramid, learned about food values and in what quantity is good to use each food. It turned out that the youngsters are very good in the theoretical knowledge of FIVE HEALTHY HABITS, which includes: WATER, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, OBLIGATORY BREAKFAST, SPORTS AND GOOD SLEEP, but in practice, they weren’t that good. In order to fix that, we started with the preparation of fresh smoothies and healthy burgers. The delight and enthusiasm of children while they were washing salad, chopping tomatoes, making calves is difficult to convey. For this very reason, we all appeal to return cooking in our educational system because WE LIKE TO COOK HEALTHY FOOD! 🙂

Together we enjoyed the healthy burgers made on coconut oil, vegetables (even looking for tomato more), and the kids were delighted with the white sauce that replaced mayonnaise. In the end, we enjoyed in a strawberry smoothie and played a little more.I hope that the youngsters and all readers will start to practice FIVE HEALTHY HABITS as their daily routine and live a healthy life!

Until the next patrol!

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