Patrolling streets of Split.

Datum objave: 23. May, 2017.

On Saturday, May 20th, 2017 Murters Eco-patrols spent a day in the city of Split. First, we went visited the Natural History Museum where we looked at the forest exhibition with stuffed animals and an insect exhibition. We also saw a large skeleton of good dolphins and various shells of the Adriatic Sea. We did not miss the opportunity to learn something new so we briefly entered into the “Twilight Zone” and found out how creatures from the depths of the sea evaluated through centuries. In depths of 1000 m, the conditions differ from those in which fishes available at our fish markets swim. High pressure, lack of light and oxygen and low temperatures influenced the evolution of fish and other marine organisms at these depths. In order to survive in these conditions they developed special body structures and methods that help them survive, find food and find a “life partner”. Thus some bioluminescence creatures use their own light to attracts partners, spoils or to confuse predators. Because of the high pressure, some fish have no rigid structure, and one among them has been named “the ugliest fish” for its uncompetitive, gelatinous structure. Some fish can swallow three times bigger spoil than their own size and thus provide food for days. In that darkness, days can pass by without seeing another living being, it is difficult to find a partner. That’s exactly why some fish hooks on dwarf males, they carry it all their lives, ensuring that they are reproduced.
After the patrols met the diversity of the “twilight zone” they had to draw their own deep-sea monster who was conceived of “super powers” that make life easier in a rough environment. The “Slow and Dull” team presented deep-sea fish with a special ammo and nitro-jet drive (bought for a discount in underwater Lidl :)) that captures prey and escapes from predators. The other team, “Sea Flakes”, invented a gelatinous fish that dropped acid and avoided the predators, while the third team of “Kukulele” created a sea monster with ears that slammed (like a lizard tail) to disrupt predators and run away. To successfully secure the food, their monster had even two jaws – if a prey avoids one mouth, it will certainly not avoid another one! After the presentation youngsters from Eco-patrol went on a tour around Split. They went through the popular street “let me pass”, around the Diocletian’s palace, squares and across the river. Still, the biggest hit was the sweets store and of course the Torcida fan shop. Youngsters from Eco-patrol enjoyed Split and they can’t wait to keep patrolling the streets of Murter.
By the next patrol!

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