Open day and beach cleaning.

Datum objave: 31. May, 2017.

27th of May we organized an open day from our organization. Murterians had a chance to come to the stand in the city centre and speak about the organization, ecology, island and whatever else they felt for! Pure Grintalica! J For those that couldn’t come to our stand in the centre, kids had special boxes for suggestions and carried it around Murter so everyone could share.

Afterwards we went to the beach to do some serious job- clean it! We had special gloves and many big trash bags that all were full of trashes from the coast very fast. This made us very concerned and realize that many people still need to be learned to treat mother nature with bigger respect and ALWAYS clean after themselves! We were happy to make our beautiful Murter cleaner place and we hope that with next Eco- patrol cleaning there will be almost no or even no trashes at all!

We shared these conclusions when we sat in a shadow in the forest. That was well deserved rest from the hard work we did that day. Then we played some team building games because Eco- patrols except ecology are also about having fun and building good team! We are pretty sure once again we proved we are one.

By the next patrol!

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