Camping under the clouds.

Datum objave: 19. June, 2017.

When the idea of camping together occurred to us we were extremely excited. To sleep in tents further the civilization – that’s a real adventure!

In the afternoon, on 13th June 2017, we slowly started raising our tents in the small bay of Vrtiluka in Jezera. Some of us discovered builders talents and helped colleagues build their “homes” for that night. After a great effort, we even built had one huge tent where we could all stand and where everyone was welcome, and so it was called Cathedral. For all the questions (Where are glasses? Water? Where are the napkins? Where’s the meeting point?) the answer was – in the Cathedral, so the tent soon became THE SPOT in our camping.
Some of us were less of builders and more of searchers and so we had plenty of wood collected for our bomb fire. It was hard to believe that it takes so much wood to burn even small fire bomb like ours, but we really used all of it! When we finally collected enough wood and started the fire, we gathered around it to make a dinner. Only one thing could spoil the pleasure of preparing sausages on fire, which also happened – RAIN (despite our attempts to stop the rain with Indian dance). We quickly hided in our tents where it was only then that fun began. While one only enjoyed the sounds of rain, others sang and imagined they were on a concert, and the third had live streaming from the tent. All that heat in the tent was also brought to live prayer for the end of the rain, and all of their Instagram folowers were joined because the rains really did after a while and stopped. Laughts and sharing stories lasted long into the night even thought we had to wake up the next day early in the morning. Unfortunately, rain and mud did not allow us to practically show how to make a bivouac, orient yourself with the sun or the stars, but there’s one thing that rain could not stop us from – our patrol duty! The beach of Vrtiluka is beautiful but unfortunately was stuffed with a lot of garbage so it was lot of work with cleaning it! When we finished, we picked up tents and returned muddy and tired to civilization. Our work was apprieciated very fast- Mr. Nenad Milin from the Jezera Tourist Board was so nice to us that he invited all of us for delicious lunch to thank us for our effort put in cleaning the beach. Thank you, Mr. Milin 🙂 It was pleasure to be your guest and Eco- patrol is always there to help!

This way, the Argonauta team wants to thank all patrols for this year’s effort in volunteering and the desire to learn about environmental protection – BRAVO!
We hope that a little rain will not reduce your love for the environment and your desire to help it as much as you can.

Until next patrol!

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