Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza 1-3.

Datum objave: 7. November, 2017.

After three years of implementing the project Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza, there are a lot of visible results of the projects. Due to the good cooperation with our partner organizations from Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Spain and Turkey that sent us good participants full of enthusiasm and will to improve and help in valorisation of the Colentum archaeological site, but also due to the good cooperation with local stakeholders, results of the projects DSWE 1-3 made a big impact on local community, local and European youngsters.

In order to show the positive effects of this project to the wider audience, we created the booklet that includes information about three projects. The booklet is made by Argonauta employees together with the participants of DSWE 1-3 that were in charge for most of the photos seen in this booklet. This booklet shows all benefits that one can get from European Voluntary Service, but also its positive effects on the local community that is the host to the EVS.

We hope that this booklet will inspire more young people to participate in EVS and other Erasmus+ programmes, and also that it will encourage us and our partner organizations for a new DSWE adventure.

Take a look at our booklet at the link DSWE13pdf . Feel free to share it! 🙂

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