A video workshop for young Murter held.

Datum objave: 15. November, 2017.

The Filmaktiv Association from Rijeka in cooperation with Argonauta, held a four-day video workshop on the island of Murter. The workshop is part of the “Islands 2017” project, which is the direct successor to the 2005 project that has developed and supplemented systematically and methodologically.

The workshops are held on Murter once a year since 2010. The aim of the workshops is to get closer to the younger population and to encourage the crowd to actively use them in creative expressions and reflection of the world and environment in which they live and grow. It also empowers the young islanders, carries them out of the viewer’s position and introduces them into the world of media production, encourages them to self-organize and to strengthen their position in society in comparison to the peers from the land.

During four days the participants met with digital cameras, shooting rules, film narration and the basics of installation.

In the beginning, the participants met the basics of film language and parts of the work of professional cameraman equipment, then they were encouraged to independently try to record different scenes, to pay attention to the sound and sound effects, the details and the atmosphere they want to convey. For their first recording participants chose Mali škver in Murter, and the team from the school came to meet them and allowed them to be the main characters of some of the scenes. The skiver has fallen as a very inspirational and vivid place, and the participants returned another day to film the scenes which they were not satisfied with from yesterday and to find some more that have “something” to become part of the movie. On the last day participants showed the basics of assembly and small tricks to achieve the desired effects.

All participants found their place in film making. Some were delighted with all the sounds and sound effects, others enjoyed recording so much that their time had passed for a moment, and the third were astonished at the possibilities of editing and creating a story by merging different scenes and sounds.

By informal socializing and learning by a lot of practical work, participants have been able to feel what is it to be behind the camera and to be the one who directs the story that the others see. According to the reactions of the participants we can conclude that the workshop was very successful because some of them have already begun to save for buying a camera, and others are considering what steps should be taken to become part of the movie post one day.

Who knows, perhaps one of them one day will be a world-renowned director – we will keep our
fingers crossed and thank Sari Salamon and Maši Drndić for professional leadership and socializing!

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