Who did “eat” the electricity.

Datum objave: 29. November, 2017.

Winter came to Murter, and bigger bills with it . In order for the patrols to understand how the electricity is spent, where and how to reduce costs – we did a workshop. For the beginning, the patrols had to recall all the devices involved in on a daily bases and to complement the poster – Who did “eat” the electricity. When they remembered all the devices that consumed electricity, they had to stack them up into order from the ones that spend the most to those who spend the least amount of electricity in one hour. Surprisingly, they thought they were spending the most on TV, which was actually among the last in the consumer scale. The first are clothes and dishes, boilers, ovens, irons, fridges and more.

In order to apply them in practice, they divided into two teams and solved tasks. One had to calculate the cost of a four-member family who did not pay attention to spending, and others had to calculate how much a monthly bill would be if you care for the lights, not the daily washing of clothes, ironing and turning off the TV when no one watches. Another “AHA Moment” occurred when patrols saw that the difference at the end of the month of each team could reach several hundred kuna and they promised to pay attention of their electricity consumption on monthly bases. To pull out the charger of the phone or laptop when the device is charged, it is not new, but we hope that it will start to apply in practice as well.

As young people remain on the world, we have to inform them about renewable sources of energy, their advantages and disadvantages and the opportunities they offer. They all heard about solar cells and windmills, but they were surprised by the amount of energy that sea shifts, waves, geothermal energy, and biomass can provide. When patrols grow and have their own households, we hope they will use renewable energy sources and will less contribute to the contamination of their ancestors.

At this workshop we played a lot, and for the rest we prepared a quiz to see whether they had anything learned. No matter who the winner is, it is only important that it is now clear for them that electric energy “does not fall from heaven”, that it should be kept and used responsibly.

We hope that you are also interested in how you can reduce your monthly bills and also reduce the Earth’s pollution and pumping non-renewable resources E, so click on the link below and follow the instructions.


See you by the next patrol! 🙂

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