Tips for EVS in Argonauta.

Datum objave: 1. December, 2017.

Survival guide for future volunteers

If you have come this far, it means that you are prepare for one unforgettable year.  Last volunteers were extremely happy during EVS, so I want to share some tips for make your life easy the first days.

  • Firstly, and most important: learn how to live with BURA and JUGO. If you get used to live with these winds, everything will be a piece of cake. Don’t worry! Not everything is bad. Bura makes the landscape clear and especially nice.
  • Remember that you will live, work and spend time with other volunteer…24 hours, 365 days!! You can solve all problems with good communication
  • In Argonauta everyone is willing to help. Don’t feel afraid to ask whatever you want. Remember, for party advices ask Marieta and Vice 😉
  • Dalmatia has its own lifestyle: polako polako, that means easeful. So, you have to always go slowly, no hurry.
  • When in Rome do as the Romans. Burek with yogurt, polenta, ajvar, sarma, goulash, fish, pršut, ćevapčići, rakija, pelinkovac…. Enjoy with Croatian food J
  • Murter is a small place, but if you want to enjoy a long walks it isn’t a problem. You have 42km of coastline and a lot of hills with spectacular views to explore, yes we have explored ALL THE ISLAND. If you are bored of Murter, Croatia is full of cities, villages, naturals parks and islands to see.
  • One of my favorite things in Murter was to see the sunset from Raduč hill and snorkeling between Čigrađa and kosirina. I hope you also like!
  • Treat your co-fellow volunteer with special care – good communication between you will crucial to the success of this EVS story!

Moreover, I give you special tips for summer:

  • Murter will have one huge transformation and it will be very crowded and full of life. Don’t lose your nerves with tourist!
  • The mosquitos, especially the tiger mosquitos are horrible. Don’t underestimate them and buy lotion!
  • You will have to move to another apartment during summer season. You will survive, dalmatia people do the same every summer!
  • In summer the prices rice. Be prepare to pay few kunas more in every single product.
  • In village Tisno there is electronic music festival going on for the most of July and August – take the opportunity to enjoy it – if thats your music taste 😉

Now you just need to use this experience in the best way and take the advantage to live a different and unforgettable year. I hope you enjoy, learn, explore, travel and be so happy as me during last year with EVS adventure.

Best regards,


(and all others who came after her adding few more tips 🙂


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