THE WALL IN THE KINDERGARDEN Školjkica in Betina painted by volunteers.

Datum objave: 18. January, 2018.

Volunteer actions through the project “Investing in young people – the GLUE project” took place throughout the first week in October, and at the third day of the youth exchange program volunteers were painting the wall in the courtyard of the Školjkica kindergarten in Betina.

This creative volunteering task was very much appealing to our participants. Although 40 volunteers participated in the action to paint over 10 meters of the wall, there was a place for each of participant to give a part of their creativity to this collective wall art. As the group was  divided into 4 same size teams,  which painted olive and apple trees with meadows, flowers, bees, birds, bumblebees, butterflies and many other things favourite to the children. Prior to the painting the mural volunteers prepared it, coloring the wall with a white background.

We had cheered up local children and made the space they use every day lively, leaving a lasting memory of this international youth exchange project The GLUE.

Big thanks to  preschool teachers and children for cooperation!

About The GLUE project:

BENEFICIARIES: 42 unemployed young people from Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Portugal and Bulgaria;

PARTNERS: Association of Argonauta – Croatia; Experimentáculo Associação Cultural – Portugal; Konya Metropolitan Municipality Kilicarslan Youth Center – Turkey; Zdruzenie KREATOR Kumanovo – Macedonia; Fundatia EYP Romania – Romania; Budnost 2000 – Bulgaria

DONORS: The European Commission through the Erasmus plus program implemented by the Croatian Agency for Mobility and EU Programs.

DURATION: July 1, 2017 – February 28, 2017.

VALUE: 25,240.00 eur

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