Datum objave: 25. January, 2018.

Аnother volunteer joined Argonauta Association to assist in the day-to-day activities of the Association. Velin Valchev, a student of journalism from Bulgaria, is one of two volunteers who will assist in the implementation of the project “Sea is life 7”, which is the seventh continuation of the previously successful projects “Sea is life 1-6”.

“Sea is Life 7” is the long-term EVS service implemented by the Argonauta association with partners from European countries. The seventh edition of the “Sea is Life” project will be conducted with the assistance of two volunteers (1 from Bulgaria and 1 from Italy) for 12 months. The main goal of the project is to increase the importance of sustainable development and untapped local community potential and the development of the Educational Center for Sustainable Development of the Island and the Coast. Volunteers will assist in the daily activities of the Education Center in the summer season, create educational and creative workshops for children, assist in promotional and administrative affairs in the organization, assist in the preparation and implementation of youth exchanges, local volunteer actions and develop their own personal project.

The “Sea is Life” project encourages multilingualism, tolerance, environmental care, highlights the benefits of participating in Erasmus + projects and helps volunteers develop their personal and professional qualities. This project encourages the development of personal competences and directs volunteers to exploit their talents, all for the purpose of finding employment easier after doing volunteer service.”

In order for Velin to feel that Murter is “breathing” and to introduce himself to the local population, we visited the Primary School of Murter in Murter and the Vjekoslava Caleb in Tisno. The children have hardly expected to see our new volunteer with whom some of them would hang out on Saturdays at Eco-patrol workshops. In the period of one school-lesson, Velin presented the historical and geographic attractions of Bulgaria, their language, alphabet, and the hobbies he is dealing with. The children questioned the various questions, heard interesting things about the customs and traditions that were respected in Bulgaria, some tried to write their name in Cyrillic, while others filled in the blank map of Bulgaria. Through an interactive approach, children learned new facts about Bulgaria and its natural beauties. However, most of our volunteers have their interesting hobbies. Namely, Velin is most likely to spend his free time in the mountains where he will reach the highest peaks and seems to have forwarded his love and passion for mountaineering to the little Murter because they had many questions about it, some even “ordered” the way to the mountains with our volunteer.

We hope that our new volunteer will enjoy the beauties of Murter, that he will only come to a welcoming and nice word, especially to enjoy the mountain tops and play with the little Murter.
Veline, welcome to the Argonauta team!

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