Piše: Sanja Kovačev — 30. January, 2018.

Eco-patrol started playing this Saturday 07.10.2017, and everyone who caught the ball had to say his name, in the second round why he loves school, in the third why he does not.

As the autumn Eco-patrol began, some new disciples came and we all met together and relaxed. After gathering all the relevant information about their relationship to the school, we started a workshop with intent to intrigue the children in a slightly different way to the topic than its common practice. The theme of the workshop was “INVASIVE TYPES”, and the knowledge about it was not shown on the first. However, after a little questioning and recalling, it turned out that they knew more on the topic that it seemed in the beggining. For the start we divided the group into two teams where one was native species and the other were the foreign species. Through the quiz of invasive species and two more games, we saw who would win and whether the native species would be driven by foreign species.

The Pantomime showed some sea terms as a killer whale, sea currents, dolphins, seaweeds, anchors, sea turtles, etc. After showing their gesture skills, we moved to the quiz of invasive species. In addition to answering questions, the children were encouraged to work in the group and make a common conclusion. It was not easy, nor the questions neither the group work, but they certainly learned something about Caulerpi, Posidonius, Suesco channel, fish abusers etc. We all had a great time together, and the culmination was a sketch that the groups had to design and play by theirselves. Everyone had a different role such as Caulerpa, Posidonia, Dark Marble, Salpa or Suesque Channel. They needed to play the passage of foreign species into the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal, an attack on Posidonia and thrash the native Salpe fish by the Dark Marble. In the end, it turned out that the representation of the “Alohton Type” group was better than the “Autocton Species” team and took a deserved victory. We hope it will only stay in the game, not in reality :).

What we learned we wanted to share with the others. Namely, last week was a “Lifelong Learning Week”, and our patrol joined the same and learned Murter about lesepsia, autochthonous and alohton species, Posidonia, ballast water and many more.

See more in the gallery, and we give regards till the next patrol!

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