Datum objave: 30. January, 2018.

Another Saturday morning, patrol members were happy to respond to Eco-patrols. Even though they came a little sleepy, our SHOW got them very quick. Namely, this Saturday, 28.10.2017 we had some fun at the Show of the Sea Dogs, one of the workshops designed by the participants of the project Save Our Seas, held in Murter in September. The show consisted of questions, video projections and many games.

We split into two teams – the first had to match those who grabbed the “magic stick” before. Although it was a big battle for a “magic stick”, patrols soon realized that speed was unrelated to knowledge and that they had to work cooperatively to get answers and collect points. In the first part, the patrols learned some facts about these fascinating animals, and we also played the game “The Dead Sea Shark” in which they had to sharpen the hearing sensation to escape the sea dog. Although the shark has a developed sense of hearing, we are more amazed at the fact that it has 7 senses, and we have learned how to do it mechanically and thermoreceptors.

In the second part, patrolmen were shocked by the practice in which shark fins are cut so that they are rules soup, so-called – shark finning. Specifically, East Asian countries, especially China, have the practice of eating as a wedding soup the one made of sea buckwheat. Once this food was reserved for the richest, and today it is eaten by more and more people, even though its price is $ 100 (or 600kn). Sea Shellfish has virtually no nutritional value so the true reasons for killing 73 million sharks a year, we leave it on you to understand(…).
We played the game “Find the Peruvian” where the patrols had to find all the seven perks of the shark and paste them in the appropriate place on the drawing. So we learned that only TWO POSTOs were used, and the rest were mercilessly thrown into the sea.

In the third part of the workshop, we learned about the importance of sharks in the ecosystem and tried to break down the prejudices about these important animals. We also warned of the power of the media in casting ideas and the movie “Jaws” which put these animals as enemies of no. 1. Almost 100 million sharks are killed each year, and 12 people died from shark attaks yearly. That is why we would conclude that sharks should be more afraid of us than we do.

The importance of sharks as the top predator is to maintain balance in marine nutrition habitats and maintain healthy populations. In order for the patrolmen to understand the importance of the “patrolling” of the sharks we played the game “Shark, Turtle and Posidonia” where the sea turtle consumed all Posidonia in a short time when there was no sharks to supervise. The turtle has only briefly fed it, leading to an imbalance in the entire food chain.

For the rest, we and our Sumerians tried to raise the awareness of the importance of sharks and their merciless killing, and they are, as always, happy to accept.

By the next patrol.

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