Datum objave: 31. January, 2018.

Funny, socializing, aquatic, starry were most often used associations when we asked the kids to describe the trip to Karlovac – a town on the four rivers that the patrols visited on Saturday, 28.01.2018.

Indeed, fun and socializing from the beginning in the morning when the patrol took their seats in the mini bus, pulling out all the snacks and sweets and began selecting the songs that would create the best atmosphere for a three-hour ride. To make the ride even funnier, our new volunteer Velin has prepared an association game in which the children learned new Bulgarian words while playing, while having fun. At the very entrance to Karlovac, we could feel the idyll that is provided by rivers and beautiful green areas. The Aquarium of freshwater fishes have nearly missed because it perfectly fits with the landscape for which the architecture has received many awards. In the Freshwater Aquarium we had the opportunity to see the artificially set representation of the flora and fauna that the river provides and the flow of the karst river itself – it provides the impression that you are walking through the river stream with sounds and fish from all sides. The children’s biggest attraction was a big catfish, which was just resting during the day and he did not need to have first aid, although it looked as so! 😉 Large migratory fish floating in the aquarium above us left us speechless because we were not aware of the variety of river habitats. We memorised the Freshwater Aquarium as we bought some souvenirs and we continued our excursion along the Korana River, where we had lunch break, but also learned some interesting things about this beautiful city. The legends about the birth of Karlovac, the star-shaped fortress and some other historical sights intrigued our patrols. After gathering this knowledge about the city they were ready to take a walk through the center itself. Obviously, this was love at first sight, as Karlovac described it as a magical, fairy-tale city in which some of them would gladly return to study. Who knows, maybe one of our patrols is patrolled once in the streets of Karlovac.

Still, in order for darkness not catch us, we had to head for Murter, and there was no lack of entertainment or socializing even when we returned. There was also some snow here and the patrols enjoyed the snowy pleasures, and for the rest we all laughed together as the patrols spoke jokes all the way to Murter.
Kids will surely keep these awesome memories because not only they have seen and learned something new but have already created even more friendly relationships and learned to respect each other.

By the next patrol!

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