Datum objave: 12. March, 2018.

Waste, inadequate waste collecting and the problems that recently have been the main topic in the media, faced by all users. For this very reason, the Patrols invited the director of Murter waste department – Petar Ježin as a guest and learned on first hand from him everything they are concerned about the plans and difficulties with which Murtela Utility Company carries.

From the conversation with Peter, we learned that currently our county is sorting less than 15% of waste, but plans for the future are great. Throughout this year, every household should receive two bins – YELLOW and GREEN. In order to facilitate sorting, the plastic, paper, glass and aluminum packaging will go to the YELLOW bin and the other mixed waste in the GREEN one. In order to ease the sorting, the locals will have only two buckets in their yard, instead of five! However, we all know that in every summer, every square meter is important.

Sorting waste from yellow cans will take place at Hripama, where a new landfill is planned because it is already in the process of rehabilitation. Also, new vacancies would be opened for the foreseeable future, and sorting should be simpler. As a main objective, Peter sees the reduction of waste towards Bikarac (Waste Management Center of Šibenik-Knin County), and as a major issue he sees EDUCATION.

That’s where our Patrols are playing! Desirous of knowing and motivated to learn spread further, the Patrols have caught up with sorting. Although they seemed confusing at first, they soon realized that sorting was not so difficult at all – that’s fine – it’s WORTHY AWESOME! One part of the group had to sort the waste, and the rest were “judges” who were stapled and explained to the group if they sorted something wrong. Further, we have found out what are the main raw materials for making aluminum, plastic, glass and paper, how each one is obtained from nature and how it is recycled. It’s interesting how much energy and other resources we can save on recycling, yet it does not recycle enough! Interesting were the ideas that the Patrols thought to be able to translate some of the objects before we throw them. Thus, the old mobile phone cable has become a source of inspiration for a work of art, a lining of hair, hair dyes, bracelets, etc. Throughout the game, our Patrols learned the most important thing first to DISCOVER CONSUMPTION, then to REVIEW the subjects, and only ultimately discard them to RECYCLING.
To understand how each issue can be viewed from multiple angles, we’ve played a few games where children had to think about creative solutions to the problem and build the largest tower of newspapers, egg boxes and yogurt cups or figure out how to stay together in a circle it decreased.

I hope that we will continue to understand and practice the sorting of waste as a game, that we will be educated and that we will not understand the yellow and green cans as punishment but as a means of achieving a cleaner and better future.
Because, however, after we had been educating and sorting waste, the most difficult thing was to gather various garbage and throw it into only ONE BIN.

By the next patrol! 🙂

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