Workshop for making cloth bags – for Murter without plastic bags!.

Datum objave: 13. March, 2018.

On Saturday, the first workshopfor making cloth bags was held at the premises of the Argonauta association. The workshop was attended by the children of Burton Eco-patrol and employees of Argonauta. The first workshop for making linen bags was held within the project “View in blue” financed by INA d.d. through the Green belt program, and implemented by the Association of Argonauta in the Murter and Kornati Islands.

At the beginning of the workshop, Ivana’s headmaster showed the participants how old t-shirts can be made with a canvas bag intended for multiple use. Cut off the sleeves, cut off the t-shirt, tighten the knot and the bag is ready! Very soon the workshop attenders got the technique and started making t-shirt bags. Our Sanja M. on the sewing machine has fixed our bags to make sure it will be solid enough and functional. This simple and entertaining technique proved to be successful, so in just three hours the workshop made over 20 bags, colorful and monochrome, smaller and larger. At the end of the workshop cycle, the bags will be available at shops in the Murter area so that the locals can use them instead of buying plastic bags everyday.

Our workshop didn’t miss even a HRT (national tv) who came to record our creativity. We will use these bags as an announcement to the next workshop which will be held 08.03. in premises of klapa Mele (municipality murter-kornati). We also made a call to parents and grandparents as well as everyone else interested in joining us at the next workshop to make as many bags as we can all use. That way of recycling our old t-shirts reduces the use of plastic bags, which are difficult to degrade, and protect our surroundings.

See you at Thursday!

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