Workshop for making cloth bags – second edition.

Datum objave: 13. March, 2018.

On Thursday, 08.03.2018. another workshop was held for the production of canvas bags as part of the project “View in blue” financed by INA d.d. through the Green belt program, and implemented by the Association of Argonauta in the Murter and Kornati Islands.

Everyone interested was invited to the workshop, and the only condition for joining was to bring a couple of old shirts, good will and little imagination. Thus, Argonaut employees and volunteers joined 10 more valuable locals who, with their creativity, contributed to the goal – for more beautiful and clean Murter.

Since the technique of making linen bags is simple, the participants quickly became convinced, so old shirts began to be converted into canvas bags in record time, and some decided to go one step further and enrich the collection with unique shopping bags. In the fun and good company, the time is running fast and we have to conclude that this was another workshop where we have given the old object a new purpose and a new face, but that is not all – the third workshop is waiting for us. We are moving next to Murter school where we will also encourage students to make their own canvas bags and point them out the importance of reducing plastic bags and plastic in general.

One canvas bag can replace 1000 of those plastic bags and we look forward to putting the bags in Murter stores, and to all who are responsible for converting old to new and making canvas bags we send a big – THANX!

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