Datum objave: 20. March, 2018.

Rainy morning did not stopped patrols to spend another Saturday in a good company with lots of learning and fun. Still, they were surprised when they heard what was waiting for them at this workshop – TEST. They quickly became confused and in fact they could hardly wait to see what we had prepared for them.

After a full year, the time came back to check what the patrols learned, and the test was not just a test of theoretical knowledge. However, we consider practical knowledge, teamwork, creativity, and imagination to be equally important as well as theoretical knowledge. That’s exactly why we checked all these components, repeat the lessons learned and have a great time.

We chose the quiz as a method by which we tested the whole spectrum of topics we dealt with in one year, and the Wingsice group was a little better than Fishes in the knowledge of water, plants, bioluminescence, fish recognition, small savings tricks, energy, symbiosis, invasive species, sea dogs, healthy nutrition and more. After the theoretical knowledge, we checked their creativity and teamwork with the game “Deserted Island”. Everyone should choose three things without which he could not survive for a long time, and then we divided into three groups and had to devise a survival plan with what we chose.

There was nothing but the most interesting of them, MAMA, the head, the toothbrush, the camera, the coffee … They would not believe the ingenuity it was when we had to think about the relationship between mother, coffee and the head would not survive the deserted island. Also, some practical tips have come out of the game so if you ever find yourself on a desolate island, you should certainly have a sponge to collect moisture or drinking water, a camera with which lens you can start a fire a lens, and a can of fishing tackle, a knife, a cooking pot, etc. Patrols have passed the test of imagination, creativity and teamwork so it is time to see what kind of practical skills they have.

In the case that they sometimes find themselves far from civilization where there is no drinking water, it is good to know how to make your own water filter. From toilet paper, sand, gravel and twig patrols we made an excellent filter and provided clear water. They are good for you, and you have to keep in mind that before you drink such water you have to boil it!

We have recalled the cycle of circulating water in nature, the importance of plants and oxygen by making another mini eco-system, and we hope for this to survive even longer than those of last spring.
For the last part, we have verified what our patrols vision is for their future patrol duties. We took the action on the island of Murter in the year 2038, and the children had to imagine what they were doing, how they relate to nature, and what a view they are shooting from Raduch.

The patrols have passed the test successfully, have fun and became friends with our new volunteer – Serena from Italy! She carries some new stories and knowledge and an original recipe for pizza so patrols can hardly wait to taste a little Italy.

By the next patrol!

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