The cleaning action as part of the Archaeological Treasure Colentum 6 project.

Datum objave: 3. April, 2018.

As part of the Archaeological Treasure Colentum 6 project, a landfill cleaning action at the Colentum site was held last Saturday. The main goal of the project is to contribute to the valorisation of the cultural and natural heritage of the Colentum archaeological site through the animation and education of the landowners on the hill of Gradina, the promotion of volunteerism in the local community and the networking of stakeholders from the private, public and non-profit sector. The project is implemented by the association Argonauta in cooperation with Murter-Kornati Municipality, the municipal company Murtela, the Museum of the City of Sibenik and LAG 249, all with the financial support of the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds.

The action brought together 20 participants, members of the Argonauta association, employees of the utility company Murtel, volunteers and owners of land parcels at Colentum. Volunteer activities were directed at the Colentum archaeological site with a new drywall that divides the archaeological beach from land parcels. In just a few hours of action a large part of the land parcels are cleansed from vegetation and arranged.

This voluntary action was of paramount importance for the landowners to gain insight into the potential of this site and the possibility of their participation in the development of the Colentum archaeological site, all in the conceptual project of Architect Coltum Vinko Peračić Archaeological Park. The Argonauta Association is grateful to all participants of the volunteer action for active participation and assistance in valorising Colentum archaeological site.

As part of the Archaeological Treasure Colentum 6 project, the last two activities, the translation of the website into English and the inventory of plant species at Colentum will soon be presented. The last mentioned activity is carried out in cooperation with LAG 249 Vodice and Professor Marija Pandža.

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