We attended the International Congress of Historical Cities in Solin.

Datum objave: 3. April, 2018.

The Argonauts employees attended the 4th International Congress of Historical Cities held in Solin on April 20-23, 2018.

This congress is organized under the slogan “Meet, share & build” aimed at encouraging meetings (“Meet”) of leading people in tourism and archeology of historic cities, exchange of experiences in terms of promoting them on the domestic and international tourist market (“Share” concept) as well as the development of new tourist products and arrangements with the joint engagement of leading people in tourism destination (“Build” concept).

Considering the archaeological site of Colentum and its significance in Murter history, we considered it worthwhile to inform about the possibilities of cooperation, presentation and exchange of experiences with representatives from other communities, primarily cities that are active in presenting their cultural and archaeological heritage in tourism in Croatia and the world.

The theme of the congress was the protection and interpretation of historical attractions and sites in historic cities across Croatia through benchmarking with cities from abroad. The historical periods that were presented include the period from prehistory to the Middle Ages.

As the aim of this conference is to present the historical cities of Croatia and abroad from different historical periods with emphasis on destination management, creative and interpretative presentation of historical sites, we hope that in the next edition of this conference will be able to participate in the program as presenters of Colentum archaeological site everything we do as an association, together with the municipality of Murter-Kornati and other local stakeholders in its valorisation.

The most interesting exhibitors at the conference were Mitja Predovnik, Assistant Director at the Ljubljana Tourism Bureau with the topic of Lecture CULTURAL TOURISM STRATEGY LJUBLJANA and Helena Cvikl, Head of the University of Hospitality and Tourism Maribor as a participant of a panel discussion on tourism education.

Slovenia as a small country that has been on Europe’s travel map for a long time now has been insignificant, with small steps going forward and can now be a model in its strategic approach to the development of the country’s tourism destination and branding.

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