Lights, camera, action – How to use canvas bags.

Datum objave: 10. April, 2018.

Another Saturday morning, eco-patrols spent in learning and having fun, and they recorded a promo video for canvas bags too. Valuable hands from ecopatrol, pupils of Murterski škoji and the local population have made canvas bags by March to encourage their fellow citizens to reduce the consumption of plastic bags and plastic in general.

For every good video, actors are needed (OK, and the camera is an important item, sometimes :)) and Eco Patrol kids were indecisive if they like it or not. For this reason, the volunteers have prepared various exercises for relaxation, creative thinking, paying attention to details, enjoying the actress/actor role, etc. They have seen that acting is not that hard – yet it is the art of telling a story, and our story is good!

It has its head and tail, but the most important thing is that it has the meaning – CHANGE THE HABITS!
Because of this, from this Saturday on a couple of locations in Murter you can find canvas bags and refuse the use of plastic bags. You can return your canvas bags when you remember to bring yours so someone else can use them again. However, even the best people can sometimes forget their own bags, but then they can always use the bags that you brought back.

We had a good time recording video and we were most surprised by the ladies we started to offer canvas bags … They were already ready to pull out the canvas bags they’d made and without which they do not go shopping.
An excellent example for all us to be an environmentally conscious citizen, right ?!

See you at the next patrol! 🙂

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