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Datum objave: 9. May, 2018.

This Saturday, May 5, 2018 patrols had fun with various practical experiments in which they had to show their creativity, resourcefulness and teamwork.

They got three questions to think that most adults would be confused – do not you trust them? Well, let’s see.

How is it possible for the water to cross the street (from point A to point B) independently of touching the ground?
How is it possible to move the water from the large bowl into the small one inside it without touching it?
How is it possible to move water from the bottom to the surface?

The children have received a certain material for each experiment and from this material they should make an invention to answer the question. The first was, of course, an aqueduct, which the ancient Romans built so professionally, the other answer was the precipitation – the circling of the water in nature that we applied to the closed system in small vessels. While the answer to the third, the digging of the shrub was a well. We do not even think about these innovations at this time, but once someone has to remember it, and on Saturday we saw that it was not easy either!

“And to make a plastic bottle? Long or wide? What about the foil? How will we tie the canvas to the rope, and yet the winch turns? “All these were smart questions patrolled by the patrols, and they were fit for each other. With the method of attempts and mistakes, patrol kids have managed to do their little masterpieces together and almost without any help!

As children are our future, and the future requires innovations as never before, it is our responsibility to invest in the qualities that will achieve these goals. To observe the world around you, be interested, connect, be humane, persistent, and open to success, but also to fail.

By the next patrol! 🙂

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