Youth Action Re-loaded on the island of Murter.

Datum objave: 14. May, 2018.

The Argonauta Association will host the International Reunion of Youth Action from 11th to 20th May 2018. 35 young people from 7 countries will have the opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling and re-use of discarded items and separate collection of waste. Participants will expand knowledge on environmental and sustainable development topics. At the same time, the creativity of the participants will be encouraged – by engaging in designing activities and games for children on the 7R’s concept.

Waste that every individual creates everyday can become a valuable raw material if collected collectively and recycled. But why is not it happening in most of Europe? What are the practical problems and solutions related to waste from households? Young people from 7 different countries: Croatia, Turkey, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Portugal and Spain will have the opportunity to learn more about these issues and engage in the possibilities of solving them. The project will also provide a discussion on measures that can be taken across Europe by environmental organizations to ensure that migrants work on environmental issues.

The project will help young people to get a better picture of the challenges of climate change facing mankind. Also, during the project, the participants will be motivated to become the carriers of change in their local communities by becoming aware of the impact of personal choices and behavior on a global level – understanding the motto “think globally – act locally”. The project will give to the participants the opportunity to practice teamwork, public speaking, problem solving, creativity, which will give them the natural feeling of personal achievement and success.

Participating in this project, young people will experience and learn more about tolerance, mutual respect and social cohesion, as all activities in the agenda will promote such values. We will inspire young people to get involved and become active participants in society and communities in which they live and work, improve their competences and skills, promote diversity of cultures and traditions, including society, tolerance and youth cooperation at European level, thus contributing to the Erasmus + .

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