Study visit of the Khulo LAG from Georgia.

Datum objave: 16. May, 2018.

On Saturday 12.05, some representatives of the LAG Khulo from Georgia visited our association as part of a study trip that is part of the project “Promoting Rural Development and Diversification in Khulo Municipality”. The project partner is the Network for Rural Development of the Republic of Croatia, in cooperation with our association and the Murter-Kornati Municipality. The members of LAG were chosen as an example of good practice in the field of projects and cooperation of the private, public and civil sector. In order to show as many of our activities as possible to our partners, in cooperation with the Municipality of Murter-Kornati, we decided to visit 3 locations: the Colentum archaeological site, the sight of Sv. Roka and local collections of Mudronje Repca.

At Colentum, Port Jezin on behalf of the Murter-Kornati Municipality greeted the gathered and presented the course of development of Colentum. For instance, it had been presented the small civic initiative of the association, which encouraged the development of localities and the creation of a large project of the Archaeological and Recreational Park Colentum under the leadership of the municipality. Sanja Tabori from the Argonauta association presented the activities and projects that the association has implemented, regarding this site. We also presented the first Colentum tourist map made in the Archaeological Treasure Colentum 4 project.

On the viewpoint of St. Roko gathered briefly on the island of Murter and its surroundings and then presented a series of projects of the Argonauta association, which are based on the cultural and natural heritage of the island of Murter, which we find as an inexhaustible inspiration of our projects and activities. For the end, the group visited the Local Heritage Collection by Marko Mudronja Rebac and discovered plans and projects carried out in cooperation with the Argonauta Association, the Murter – Kornati Municipality, the Murter – Kornati Municipal Tourist Board and the Marka Mudronje Repca family. The group was interested in many aspects of the operations of the association, ways of co-operating with other stakeholders and financing operations on project examples.

We hope our teammates will help the group in planning and implementing LAG activities, and that we will implement collaborative projects in the future.

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