First meeting of project team “Blue Project”.

Datum objave: 4. June, 2018.

On Monday, 21st May, the first project meeting called “Blue Project – Contribution to the Development of Socially Useful Learning Program” was held at the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb. The project’s holder is the association Argonauta, and the project is implemented in partnership with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb (VFZG) and the Pula School of Marine Education (MOC). The project was co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund and it was implemented under the Operational Program “Effective Human Resources” 2014 – 2020 by the ESF, and the Call “Supporting the Development of Partnerships of Civil Society Organizations and Higher Education Institutions for the Implementation of Social Useful Learning Program”. Project activities will be carried out in the Šibenik-Knin, Zagreb and Istarska County, and the value of the project is HRK 1,004,727.31.

The first project team meeting was held at the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb where project team members analyzed project elements and they defined the timeline of implementation. The “Blue Project” contains several phases that will be implemented over 18 months, starting from 25th of April, 2018, when the Grant Agreement was signed. In the first element, students and professors will be educated about socially useful learning (DKU). The cooperation of professors and employees of civil society organizations in the development of mentoring programs for students, the gradual introduction of DKU programs into curricula and the education center at the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb (VFZG), will increase the civic engagement of VFZG students. Through the element “Pilot implementation of the DKU program at VFZG”, students will be introduced to the work of the Argonauta, the Pula Sea Education Center, the economic and demographic structure of the local population. They will plan and implement socially useful projects in which they can use the skills and knowledge gained in college. During the third phase of the project, the DKU programs will be evaluated and it will develop a high quality and sustainable partnership by developing a manual and an evaluation report on the implementation of the DKU on VSFZ.

The main objectives of the “Blue Project” are to increase the number of civil active students through the preparation and implementation of the DKU program at VFSZ through the cooperation of a higher education institution with civil society organizations and to develop a sustainable long-term partnership between VFSZ, Argonauta Association, and MOC Pula. Furthermore, the project wants to develop socially useful projects in the field of monitoring the population and the protection of marine animals.

At the first meeting of the project team, the next step was defined as organization and implementation of educational workshops on socially useful learning, intended for the education of teachers and OCD representatives. The workshops will be led by Nives Mikelić-Preradović, an expert in the field of socially useful learning, in Zagreb.

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