The First Antique Jewelry Fair in Tisno.

Datum objave: 3. July, 2018.

The Association of Argonauta, in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Tisno Municipality, the National Library and the reading house of Tisno, with the financial assistance of the Municipality of Tisno, organizes the first “Antique Jewelry Fair” in the atrium of Katunarić Palace in Tisno from 29-30 June 2018. The inspiration for the Jewel Fair is the archaeological site Sv. Martin Ivinj, which contains interesting samples of jewelry found in this area.

The area of Ivinj has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and the archaeological site dates back to the 1st century when a large economic and rural estate was built here. In the second half of the 5th century, a three-nave early Christian basilica with a baptistery was built in the western part of the villa, and a lateral building with a pentagonal apse was built later on by its southern wall. In the Middle Ages (12th / 13th cent.) On the ruins of an ancient villa, not far from the remains of the basilica, the church of Sv. Martina was built, a one-nave Romanesque building with an apse. Inside and around the churches were found graves from the 11th to 13th centuries, as well as a number of late medieval stećak (13th-15th centuries). Given the variety and variety of relief embellishments on stećak, the necropolis of Ivinj is one of the richest necropoleis of this type in Croatia, and the historical and archeological traces establish the almost continuous role as a cult place from early Christianity to today.

The archaeological collection of Sv. Martina, located on the ground floor of the palace Katurnarić (Tisno Municipality building), collects discoveries found during the archaeological excavations in Makirina or in the locality of Sv. Martin in Ivinj. Among the exhibits, the are numerous jewelry finds, especially the so-called three-eyed earrings, characteristic of this area.

The main goal of the fair is to bring attention to the contents of the Sv. Martina, point to the value of this archeological site, but also gather and present the jewelry of craftsmen and artists from our area.

The fair will gather exhibitors from Croatia, and on Friday, at 20h, in the atrium of Katunaric palace, Viktor Hodak will perform on the cello, and on Saturday from 19h everyone interested will be able to make his own copy of the jewelry at the workshop of Argonauta association.

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