Wonderful Secrets of the Deep Sea: “From the perspective of the bird” 10.07.2018.

Datum objave: 11. July, 2018.

After the Little Murter’s Monday where the children met the customs associated with mud, Tuesday brought a new story. In the workshops titled Wonderful Secrets of Sea Depth, children met the secrets and interests of marine birds.

Flying in V formation as real birds, we flew from the remote islands of the Pacific Ocean, across the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean to the penguins that are located in the southernmost part of the island. In addition to seeing the bird-eye world, we flew like some birds, and we also heard many interesting things about sea birds in the Adriatic. Gulls, cigars, shrubbery, small bands, bushy clutter all birds are bound to the sea and which live on the sea, and we can see them overflowing with our islands and the Adriatic Sea.

For the rest we all made our seagulls and gave them names. We hope that the gull of Petra, Margi, Vultarex and the rest will go down to Sugoi and next Tuesday when we will discover some new secrets that the sea is hiding.


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