Scarf – yesterday, today, tomorrow..

Datum objave: 11. July, 2018.

We started the summer week with the Argonauta’s children’s program, which referred to the Little Massacre Monday, and our theme was Scarf – yesterday, today, tomorrow. Workshop participants had the opportunity to refer to the former symbol of a woman’s headgear, which at that time spoke a lot about her social status. After the children heard the story of the mud, they create their own white mulch through a creative workshop. Namely, the children had the opportunity to use their scissors and flamethrowers to design their mulberry, and they used the Collection’s scarves as an example and the previously drawn motifs or details downloaded from the original.

The workshop lasted an hour, and since the children were from other parts of Croatia, we were creative, having fun and children’s stories about their dolls, dress patterns and head covers.

The Mudrow Repca collection has taken on a new role and has become an educational and creative space where the youngest population can learn about the culture and tradition of Murter. Exhibition now becomes interactive content, and the story of Murter will be told every summer on Mondays.

We have enjoyed the children’s joy with photos and a call to join us at the following workshops.

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