Recycle And Reuse away – Jezera.

Datum objave: 24. July, 2018.

As announced, yesterday the Argonauta association held a guest workshop in Baganelovica in Jezera. The workshop was held on the subject of recycling and reuse of the items, and this time we used old paper to show that an interesting toy could be produced from waste. Children had the opportunity to learn in which canvas plastic and paper have to be put, and we saw that caring for the environment can be very fun. After that, the children made their own rails and trains of old paper and cardboard, and then went on an adventure with their trains. Children have revealed to us that sometimes they are making toys from dumped items and packaging at home, and besides making the train, their creativity was shown by the children in naming the train, so there were locomotives Kristalis, Luka Modrić, Rokica, Crvenka …

Workshops in Jezera are held within the program “From Argonauta to Tisno” funded by the Tisno Tender Program for the application of programs, projects and public needs of interest to the general good run by the associations for 2018, in cooperation with the National Library, the reading room Tisno and the institution Baganelovica.

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