Recycle & Reuse – Table football.

Piše: Ivana Marin — 24. July, 2018.

On Thursday, 12th July 2018, Argonauta Association held the first summer workshop on the theme of Recycle & Reuse. The workshop was held at Atrium Palace Katunarić in Tisno, from 20 to 21, in cooperation with Tisno Municipality, the National Library and the reading room of Tisno. Workshops Recycle & Reuse will each – Wednesday and Thursday – create something new and innovative from a different kind of waste. This week, it was the time of large boxes. Delighted by the mood of the Croatian national team’s success at the World Championships, we have adapted the subject to FOOTBALL. Kids from Tisno learned how to reuse a large box and independently create a TABLE FOOTBALL for the game. Keeping with the sports theme, we started the workshop with “Trasketball” (Trash + Basketball). Children learned to sort garbage by playing basketball with plastic and paper waste, and then teams created a stadium for their own World Cup! This time Mandžukić or Modrić was not in the field, but they were replaced by sharks and octopuses. After the kids made their players and supporters, they enjoyed playing with the cardboard stadium.

We also held a workshop for table football with the kids from Murter. To begin with, we enjoyed basketball (so-called Trashketball) and sorted all the waste into the right box. The children then painted a soccer field in large boxes with a bright green color just like real grass. They have colored sea dogs, octopuses and other sea creatures, glued them to the sticks and the game started! This time no one won the competition, but everyone knew that recycling and reuse waste can be fun!

We enjoyed the workshops and we are looking forward to Wednesday’s bringing new material to the RECYCLE and REUSE workshops!

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