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Datum objave: 24. July, 2018.

Another Workshop of Wonderful Secrets of Sea Depth was held and children met some domestic and foreign species from the sea. We found out why it is necessary to preserve Posidonia from invasive algae Caulerpe taxifolie and racemose. We have seen where all these species come from and how human imperfection can lead to significant environmental consequences. We played “Guess who I am” and guess who is an invasive species. We have heard about the story of the fisherman Boris who wanted to fish bigger fish and embarrassed the ecosystem. Of course, the ecosystem rebelled, so Boris instead of a lot of small fish now had a couple of big fishes and an empty pond.

“We dived” in the depths of the sea, set up some secrets that our seas and oceans hide and everybody made their fish mask. The fish sniffer is poisonous and gets fatter when it’s in danger, while our kids are fun, sweet and take care only for the purpose of taking pictures. 🙂

By next Tuesday when we bring new secrets to the marvelous underwater world.

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