Recycle & Reuse: Paper fish.

Datum objave: 9. August, 2018.

Due to the “traditional wedding” last Wednesday, the Recycle & Reuse workshop was held on Friday, 03.08.2018 with children from kindergarten Vrapcic. To start, we have played small penguins who happily live on their three ice islands. Unfortunately, because of the excessive pollution, their islands are starting to dissolve one by one. At the end of the game, all the children ended up on an island where there was not enough space for that resource for all the little ones. In this way, they could understand what global warming meant, and we talked with them about “what would happen if the last island broke down and how to prevent it”. To give its contribution to reducing global warming – we learned to recycle and translate. From the rolls of toilet paper and straw from old magazines, we made special fishes which have been used to play basketball. This time the basket was no less than the mouth of the sea dog – but don’t worry, we did not spread the fear of sharks, but we immediately explained the nutrition chain and natural balance. The kids had a great time, and artists, scientists, and basketball players were already among them, and who knows what talent this week will bring to us and which other Recycle & Reuse workshop.

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