Travel to the Marian Straight.

Datum objave: 9. August, 2018.

Yesterday, on the secrets of the deep sea, we dived deep, deep where few lucky people really had the chance to be. We have discovered Challenger Deep – the deepest point on the sea that lays in the Marian breeze.

To reach 10 971 m, we had to pass the zone where the light is still penetrating through the water column, then the sunset zone where some animals create their own light, dark zone, abyss, and finally the area of war that is more than 6,000 m of depth, where Marian furrows were located.

To help children to understand the real size, we have to put a blue whale in the yard of kindergarten. Guess what? Of course, it could not fit because it is 25 m long, and the man, compared to it, is a crumb.

For a complete experience, we also created a submarine named Murters Yellow, which dived to the depths where giant squirrels and terrible fish live. We also performed our motor skills in order to be prepared for sudden situations, but also to know how to work with the all ship equipment.

See you next Tuesday when we will explore some new secrets of sea depths.

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