Workshop Recycle & Reuse.

Datum objave: 9. August, 2018.

In yesterday’s Recycle & Reuse workshop, we did not just have fun and played, but also learned about the lives of marine turtles, from their birth to their age.

Did you know that all sea turtles are propagating on sandy beaches? They are seen in the sea, from the end of March to the beginning of June, and the eggs are planted during the summer. On the mainland, only females leave for laying eggs, and males, once they go out, never leave the mainland again. During one season, females can have between 2-5 births, with a pause of 2 weeks in between. The eggs lie in the holes excavated in the sand and their number in one birth varies from 23 to 190, usually over 100. The incubation period generally varies between 50 and 65 days. The size of the young turtle armor varies between 33.5 mm and 55 mm. It has been established that sexual maturity is achieved after 30 years, with armor length of 70 to 90 cm.

It’s just some of the basic data on sea turtles, and we’ve learned them even more. Of course, the theoretical part was easier to follow through the game, so, during the first game, we collected the garbage on the beach (paper and plastic), and kept the nature and disposed of the garbage in the foreseen space. After that, the leaders were dying from sea waves and fish, and we created small turtles from carton boxes. When we made the entire sea world, we had to put the corncobs in the sea, and that was what we did in the last game of the workshop at the time. Of course, this time we cleaned the garbage and guarded turtles from possible predators.

The buggies are now safe, the beach is clean, the nature untouched and we can move on to new challenges and new creative workshops. Join us at the next Recycle & Reuse workshop on Wednesday at 20h.

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